TrekIT is the only tool built specifically for front-line clinicians, by front-line clinicians. Spend more time on patient care, and less time on administrative tasks.
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Care Coordination in the Palm of Your Hand
TrekIT offers the first comprehensive platform designed exclusively for care coordination.
Developed, tested, and used by thousands of clinicians every day

Focus on What Matters

Collaborate better with shared task lists and real-time communications. Integrate TrekIT with your EMR to gain actionable insights on any mobile device.

Real-Time Clinical Data

Our technology brings real time data from the various clinical information systems, EHRs and medical devices into one seamless, clinically intuitive display that helps clinicians understand their patients’ clinical status better and complements their workflow

Synchronized, Team-Based Task Management

TrekIT provides clinicians with an intuitive, patient-centric task management tool to track, manage and coordinate clinical care. Easily assign, date and time tasks, categorize them for when they are due, view cleared tasks and more. Teams stay in constant communication as each person can view and contribute to the task list from any electronic device, instead of relying on paper lists tucked away in one person’s pocket.

Safer Transitions, Less Errors

Transitions in care are one of the major causes of communication errors. Miscommunications have been attributed to 70% of preventable adverse events and even death. With TrekIT, we have redesigned healthcare communication and workflow processes by integrating best practices and technology proven in other high-risk industries to reduce error. Within weeks of using TrekIT, clinicians believe their handoffs are more safe and efficient; 86% believe TrekIT enables more timely clinical decisions. SAFER TRANSITIONS = LESS ERRORS = BETTER CARE

Easy Mobile Access

With the advent of electronic medical records, patient information became as close as the nearest computer. But securely logging into a desktop and waiting for the EMR to load can be a lengthy process. Now, TrekIT takes this access to clinical data to a new level. With TrekIT, providers can evaluate patients, coordinate and communicate in real time, right from their mobile device within seconds.

Collaborative Design Team = Intuitive Product

In this age of open-source software and team-based medicine, successful innovations in clinical information technology require collaboration and input from many sources. Led by Subha Airan-Javia, CMO of TrekIT Health LLC and practicing internal medicine physician at PennMedicine, TrekIT was designed by an interdisciplinary team of physicians trainees, nurses, subject matter experts, UI designers, and software engineers. This unique, collaborative approach to software development explains why TrekIT is easy to use and well-loved by health care providers of all disciplines – from physicians, to nurses, care managers and more!
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  • Client Testimonials

    In the ten years since I have been here, nothing has changed my workflow so significantly, and so beneficially, as TrekIT!
  • TrekIT requires zero training. It’s much more intuitive.
  • You just rocked my world! This is so useful!
  • TrekIT has completely changed my quality of life...for the better!
  • I have worked here for 11 years, and this app is the best thing that has happened to clinical care!
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A List of Our Awards
2014 University of Pennsylvania Health System's top Quality and Patient Safety Award
2015 Digital Edge 25 Award
2015 Fierce Healthcare Innovation Award
2015 AMIA Pi2 Innovation Award Finalist
2016 First Prize Healthcare Improvement Foundation's Delaware Valley Patient Saftey Awardy Day