Dear Diary: A HIMSS 2019 Recap

Brendan McCorkle at HIMSS 2019

For the first time as a collective team, TrekIT Health traveled to the largest annual gathering of health information and technology professionals, clinicians, and executives in the world. HIMSS 2019 gave us the opportunity to showcase the progress we have been able to make with our proprietary software platform being

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2019 Trends to watch

It’s that time of year again! As the holidays wind down and we gear up for a new year, many of us, myself included, spend the first few days of January reflecting on the previous 12 months while looking forward to a fresh start. For us at TrekIT, 2018 was

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MedCityNews: The ripple effect of poor health tech design on healthcare delivery

In recent years, healthcare has been significantly influenced and shaped by a well-intentioned push towards the digital age. Unfortunately, in practice, policies, incentives, and IT systems have often been counterproductive to their goal — to enable connected, operationally efficient hospital systems. While the digitization of patient records through EHR platforms

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Seven Times Tech Saved the Day in Healthcare

Healthcare is one of the largest and most complex industries in the United States. However, unlike other advanced industries, such as manufacturing and finance, we don’t often think of it as a “well oiled machine” – it’s often closer associated to a slow moving barge. Part of the reason for

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