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Stop by booth 888-98 (Personalized Health Experience Pavilion) @ HIMSS19 to see TrekIT in action.

We believe that clinicians deserve tools that were created specifically for them, with their workflows in mind. Developed by frontline clinicians, TrekIT provides users with a collaborative, dynamic workspace, bringing everything they need for a successful shift into a single view. Using TrekIT, clinicians can quickly access care plans, synchronized team-based task lists and real-time clinical data, from any where on any device.

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Education Session - Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Education Session 1

Acute patient care is a complex workflow which involves multiple stakeholders--physicians, nurses, and interdisciplinary providers--needing access to the most up-to-date vitals and lab work while treating patients. However, due to a buyer-focus design vs an end-user focused design, EHRs were built to satisfy the hospital system ROI instead of enhancing the clinician workflow. A lack of user-centered design has led to clinicians spending more time on administrative work than with patients, a higher rate of physician burnout and preventable errors. Recognizing the inefficiencies of relying on the EHR alone, the Penn Medicine CMIO office and Center for Health Care Innovation have built platforms to address specific pain points in clinical care from patient flow, notifications and point-of-care access to clinical data and team collaboration. This session will focus on the path taken to design, build and iterate two such applications with the goal of “user-delight."

At Booth 888-98 (Personalized Health Experience Pavilion - Hall A)

Stop by the TrekIT booth to get a live Demo of our collaborative workspace designed specifically for clinicians. Test out how easy it is for clinicians to manage their patient workflow, add team based tasks and access critical data from a mobile device. Can’t stop by the booth, but want to get a live demo of TrekIT? Sign up for a demo now, and we'll get back to you ASAP!
At our Booth

Education Session - Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Education Session 2

For health systems focused on optimizing the clinician’s experience, the decision to incorporate clinical workflow tools is an easy one. Mobile solutions are often used to fill voids in EHR-based workflows. However, since healthcare systems vary in terms of their informatics infrastructure, access to development resources, and experience in implementing new technology, health systems typically weigh the merits of two distinct paths: building an in-house solution or evaluating and implementing a vendor solution. Both options have a variety of strengths and weaknesses. In this session, the speakers will share Penn Medicine’s experience and approach utilizing their journey on each of these paths--implementing a vendor-built secure messaging solution and building a homegrown clinical workflow tool. They will describe the factors that influence homegrown vs. vendor decision, discuss barriers to implementation and how the solutions are sustained and financed by the healthcare system.

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